Working to the max?

»… and when the christmas sales starts, things get even worth« – many people told us something like this in the last weeks.

More hustle and pressure when goods come in and out. More stress picking and packing. Even longer hours. Overtime with no benefits – only time of in lieu. New colleagues, who hope (mostly in vain) to become permanent and go the extra mile for it. Others have a fixed salary and have to slog it out until the order is done and work unpaid overtime.

Why are we going along with it? Where’s this mad rush coming from?

The answer seems obvious, but there are many reasons: Machines set the pace, foremen put on the pressure, we don’t want to leave colleagues high and dry, or we’re hoping for a permanent position… and many more.

Talking about things like this can help us find ways to fight against our problems. So:

– how’s it going in your department? How are we put to use?
– who or what is pushing us?

You can meet us here sometimes. You can also write us an Email  or make a comment on this blog.

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